Hack: 9 Simple Ways to Make The Best Out of Your Coffee Maker

In my most recent work assignment, I found myself visiting Korea and Japan. As a coffee lover, I found out that these two countries have cat cafes where you can order coffee and hang out with cats as you enjoy your coffee. Trust me; it was amazing.

But that’s a story for another day.

We both love coffee. To be precise, great coffee. That’s why we went that extra mile to buy that coffee maker.

But there is one problem.

It doesn’t give you the best coffee. For me, it does.

You wonder how?

Well, sit back and let me do the hard work of explaining to you how to make the most out of your coffee maker. Deal?

Here we go…

#1: Bad water

Your coffee is made up of 98% water. And from the word go, you need to make sure that you are using good water to prepare your coffee.

But what is the difference between good and bad water?

The idea here is the mineral content in the water. If you use water that has high mineral content you may have noticed that your coffee has a flat taste, and was not even exciting while taking it.

On the other hand, using water that has very low mineral content makes you end up with coffee that is very bitter.

If water is a problem, try using bottled water.

#2: Dirt

When as the last time you washed your coffee maker?

I agree. It’s not easy to maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. You still want to brew great coffee, right?

If you brew coffee daily, clean the carafe on the same day. Make a point of cleaning the whole system once every month.

Cleaning procedure:

• Measure equal amounts of water and vinegar and water, then fill the tank with the mixture.

• Without grounds, run this mixture through a brewing cycle in the same way you would while preparing actual coffee.

• Once it finishes, repeat the process with the same mixture.

• Remove the mixture from the carafe and use soap and water to wash the pot clean.

• Using clean water, run one more cycle to remove any vinegar that is still in the tank.

#3: Too much/too little coffee

Mornings are not the best times to be accurate, especially when you are still sleepy and still feeling disappointed that your alarm had to cut your sleep short.

You can always make up for such awful mornings by treating yourself to a great cup of coffee. For the amount of water that you are going to use, measure the correct amount of coffee to give a balanced taste.

#4: Water temperature

Coffee needs temperatures of between 195-205 degrees to completely release all its flavors to the water. Buy a thermometer to check the water temperature. Alternatively, you can boil the water let it cool for some few minutes and then use it.

#5: Stale coffee

When coffee stays unused for a long time, gases that produce the best flavors usually escape. That is why you will, at times have bitter or tasteless coffee, depending on the gases absent.

Avoid buying coffee that has been stored for more than 6 months.

#6: Grinding

The best time to grind coffee is just before you brew it. What type of grinder do you use?

For a solid and even grind, use the burr grinder. This will ensure that water will filter evenly through your grind hence ensuring that you have a glamorous cup of coffee.

#7: Grind size

Grinding your coffee to the ideal size narrows down to the filter shape that you normally use.

flat bottom filters work best with Medium grind. Cone shaped filters require you to grind beans on medium-fine setting.

#8: Poor bean storage

Some coffee bags are not designed to store coffee beans for long. Once you buy coffee, make sure you store in airtight jars in bean form. Humidity alters the taste of the coffee making it your biggest foe.

#9: What type of coffee do you like?

You may have been following the above steps but still never got to enjoy your coffee.

What flavour works for you?

What ingredients do you love?

What time do you love taking coffee?


Next time we brew a cup of coffee, let’s make it great and memorable, won’t we?