4 Slice Toaster: Essential Facts

Having breakfast is essential to start your day on the right foot. There’s nothing better than the smell of the fresh hot toast in the morning, inviting you to speed up your metabolism. I always had the toaster that was actually made of two grills, placed on top of each other. You would put the toast between them and wait for three minutes.

Today, technology is on a whole different level, even with toasters. There’s no more black toast, unless you’re really bad at cooking. There are many alarms that warn you when the toast is done and grilled to perfection. I’ve seen LED lights one one of the 4 slice toasters the other day; the light beeps faster as your toast is getting done.

My girlfriend used to have a fancy 4 slice toaster, too. She liked small toast, so she often used the lift function, which was designed for smaller pieces of bread to fit in. That way you don’t burn your hand as you’re taking it out. You can make muffins in one of those nowadays, it’s amazing. She used it to defrost bread and other food as well. I remember that there was a funny looking rack on the toaster for buns and bagels, which was pretty useful.

I once attempted making pancakes in one of my old toasters, the one with two grills. They came out pretty smoky, so I ignored that recipe in the future. The problem was the toaster. It was old and rusty, with no design or any functions to make a toast better.

Some of these modern 4 slice toasters are actually set in a way that allows you to heat only two of he four available slots. It’s a way to save some energy and it’s a cool feature. They’re obviously made for families, where there are always plenty mouths to feed.

I also like the reheat feature, which always makes my pizza fresh again. I used to rely on a microwave to reheat pizza in the past, which was a mistake. The pizza comes out soggy and not crispy at all. The 4 slice toaster can make it crispy and fresh, as long as you don’t leave it in there for too long.

It’s funny that they’ve been making them for a hundred years now. In all that time, the toaster kept improving and improving. I bet many people died using it at first, considering how little we knew about electricity. These days they’re practically implanting smartphones in the toasters, making the far more useful than they should be. It does stop being a toaster at a certain point.

I use the 4 slice toaster, because two slices are not enough for me and my girlfriend. We bought the 4 slice option to save time. Our specialty is a toast with an egg inside, combined with cheese and ham. The modern 4 slice toasters like ours is great for egg toast, because the slots are wide enough and easy to clean afterwards. The toaster is very sterile nowadays, allowing you to reach every nook and cranny.